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Contact us! Outstanding medical team, fully equipped dentistry in the capital of Hungary, Budapest

The cornerstone of our dental practice is that our patients deserve the best care, whether it's the dental techniques used, the materials we use, the dental technology or the pain relievers. Feel free to take a seat in our dental chair, our treatments are painless and carried out with the utmost professionalism. With us, you really can achieve a perfect, snow-white smile painlessly.
Many people come to us indicating they have had a bad experience elsewhere. We make it a priority to make you feel safe during your treatment with us. We are proud of the fact that our patients leave satisfied and are happy to recommend our practice.
Only a few people have the opportunity to have teeth that are impeccable in terms of location, colour and direction of growth. Genetic factors influence the condition of your dentition as much as lifestyle and dental care habits. There are periods of time, hormonal changes and health conditions that contribute to tooth decay. That is why regular prevention is recommended for everyone. You should visit us every six months to maintain the natural health of your teeth for as long as possible.
Many people don't realise how much more confident a clean, healthy set of teeth and a winning smile can make you feel. Being happy with the image when we look in the mirror contributes to our appearance, our confidence and ultimately our success at work and in our personal lives. Smile Expert Dentistry is located in the 5th district of Budapest, in an easily accessible location, for those who want to go beyond dreaming of an attractive smile.

Dentistry in Hungary with the latest equipment

Smile Expert is a private dental clinic in Budapest, the capital of Hungary, within easy reach of all those who are interested in dental implantation, tooth replacement, aesthetic treatment or even bone replacement. We have assembled an outstanding medical team, where our experienced dentists and oral surgeons are at your service with the utmost confidence. We have 4 dental chairs, in a sophisticated environment, with brand new state-of-the-art dental equipment. Our dental laboratory is equipped with the latest CAD-CAM technology to produce dental prostheses accurate to one hundredth of a millimetre. Our practice is also equipped with 3D panoramic X-ray and dental CT. For a perfect result, we model a prototype using the latest 3d printing technology, which the patient can wear for a few days, try it on and indicate any changes required. For a round bridge or smile design, it is important how well it fits, whether it is comfortable when chewing, there are many possible shapes. We only fit tried and tested dentures.

It's never too late to start!
Teeth can decay over the years due to genetics and lifestyle habits. But it's never too late to get started and achieve the perfect smile.

Dr. Homoki Sándor - vezető fogorvos

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Our dental services

Dentistry in Budapest, from general dentistry to oral surgery

Aesthetic dentistry

There are many reasons to visit the dentist regularly, most of the dental problems can be avoided with regular check-ups!

Dental implantation

Dental implants are a well-established method of replacing lost teeth, allowing you to replace missing teeth without damaging other teeth.

Tooth whitening

Teeth that are several shades whiter? In-office professional teeth whitening can help you achieve brilliant white teeth.

X-ray, dental CT

Private dentistry in Hungary with our own 3D X-ray and dental CT scan for the most accurate diagnosis possible.


High quality prosthodontics in Budapest, the capital of Hungary, with guarantee. A tooth replacement is needed when a piece of tooth or the whole tooth is missing.

Oral surgery

Our modern office and highly qualified dentists guarantee a wide range of painless oral surgery procedures.

Implantátum fogorvos budapest

Dental implantation from HUF 129,000. Whether it's replacing a single tooth or several in a complete edentulous jawbone, implants are the best way to ensure that a patient has stable, fixed teeth.

In-office teeth whitening in Budapest costs HUF 39,500. 5-7 shades whiter teeth. Beyond teeth whitening system, with original Beyond gel, perfectly safe, does not damage teeth, naturally painless.

Our references

Real people, real results! Before and after photos of smile design.

While some dental surgeons use the naked eye or, in some cases, magnifying glasses to get a good view of the area to be treated, we use a dental microscope. Thanks to all this, we can see the area to be treated 100x better. The interventions will be more precise, the results will be more durable and the treatment itself will take less time, because we can see the treatment site and the problem better.

4 offices, 4 colours

It's important that you feel comfortable during your dental procedures!Choose an office with a colour that makes you feel at ease!

We take care of a calm environment, perfect cleanliness, precision dental work, you just have to heal!

Take a virtual walk in our office!

Why choose us?

  • Dentistry in Budapest, the capital of Hungary, with all the equipment you need: CT scan, panoramic X-ray, oral surgery, dental technology in one place
  • Premium guarantees
  • 4 dentist's chairs in one place, avoiding waiting time
  • Highly qualified dentists, oral surgeons, dental technicians
  • With our own dental lab, we can produce micron-precision dental work
  • Easy access to the office
  • We have highly experienced dentists
  • We make treatment plans, accurate budgeting
  • We use the most modern painkillers
  • We adapt to your schedule, extended opening hours
  • You can pay by credit card


Consultation, status, condition assessment Free (15 minutes)!

We prepare an exact treatment plan and price offer!

    Please let us know how we can help you.

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