Mrs János B.

Our lady patient came to our clinic with functional complaints. She was wearing removable dentures, which she was dissatisfied with the stability of, and there were mini implants in the lower region.

Following a CT scan, we recommended and made surgery in the lower region, which included the removal of the mini implants and an implantation surgery (All on four). Its point is that the patient receives a temporary bridge replacement fixed with a screw within 1 day. After two weeks, an implantation surgery (All on six) was performed in the upper region, where a temporary replacement was made also within 1 day and fixed with a screw

The temporary restorations were worn for 6 months until the implants were perfectly ossified. Afterwards, our patient received an all-round, A1-coloured, screw-retained hybrid prosthesis with an individually characterised artificial gum, which she is happy to wear.




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