Our dental services

Dentistry in the capital of Hungary, Budapest

Our dental services

Dentistry in Hungary, from general dentistry to oral surgery

Aesthetic dentistry

There are many reasons to visit the dentist regularly, most of the dental problems can be avoided with regular check-ups!

Tooth whitening

Teeth that are several shades whiter? In-office professional teeth whitening can help you achieve brilliant white teeth.

Tartar removal

The most common cause of this is the plaque having stuck on the teeth, which develops over time into a massive layer of tartar, festering with bacteria.

Smile Design

In essence, it is about creating the smile that best suits the personality and character of the person. This includes the colour of the teeth, their design and precise shaping.

Microscopic dentistry

Laser microscopic dentistry is also available in our practice in the centre of Budapest. This innovative option fits perfectly with our modern approach.


High quality prosthodontics in Budapest, the capital of Hungary, with guarantee. A tooth replacement is needed when a piece of tooth or the whole tooth is missing.

Dental Implantation

Dental implants are a well-established method of replacing lost teeth, allowing you to replace missing teeth without damaging other teeth.

Jaw joint diagnostics

The jaw joint is one of the most complex joint in the human organism. Through the movement of these joints, the complex chewing movements as well as our ability to speak are realised(together with the functions of the tongue and lips).

X-ray, dental CT

Private dentistry in Hungary with our own 3D X-ray and dental CT scan for the most accurate diagnosis possible.

Oral surgery

Our modern office and highly qualified dentists guarantee a wide range of painless oral surgery procedures.

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