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Durable and aesthetic solution for missing teeth

The preservation of your own teeth is a primary consideration when choosing between today's dental treatments. However, there are situations when tooth filling, root canal treatment, does not bring the desired result. This is when modern tooth replacement options come into play, and dental implants are by far the most popular. Implants offer a long-lasting quality and even additional tooth replacements can be put on to the implanted tooth. At Smile Expert, our patients receive a lifetime guarantee on implants.

Why is it important to replace lost teeth?

Dental implants are a commonly chosen solution to treat missing teeth. But why is it important to replace lost teeth as soon as possible? What are the disadvantages of neglecting this issue? The bone volume at the site of the lost tooth will almost certainly start to decrease. Depending on the location of the tooth, people may experience difficulties with voice production and chewing, and consequently digestive problems. Of course, there is also the aesthetic disadvantage, which also has an impact on the quality of life. It cannot be stressed enough, therefore, that after the loss or removal of a tooth, as soon as the affected area allows for that, it should be replaced. Dental implant placement is performed in our office with guaranteed reliability and painlessness.

What are the benefits of choosing implants?

Dental implants are actually a simple method of tooth replacement. During the treatment, an artificial root is implanted and then the dentist places the so-called superstructure, i.e. the denture, on top of it. This means that there is no need to grind down your own teeth, as is the case with a dental bridge.

Modern tooth replacement offers a wide range of options. The dentist can replace a single missing tooth by placing an implant, or place a dental bridge on it, or even a full miss can be fixed by using it, forming the basis of a circular bridge.

A Smile Expert tapasztalatai is azt mutatják, hogy a fogászati implantátum Budapest területén is nagy népszerűségnek örvend. Köszönhető ez a természetes hatásának, a szövetbarát anyag alkalmazásának, valamint a maximális kényelemnek amit a fogpótlás biztosít. A titánium implantátum speciális felületi kialakításának köszönhetően beépül a környező szövetekbe, így teherbírása többszörösen növekszik. Nem vált ki allergiás reakciót, ráadásul a korszerű tervezésnek köszönhetően a műfog maximálisan illeszkedik a fogsor többi eleméhez.

Fogászati implantátum fajták

There is a solution even for bone shortages!

An important condition for the implantation of a dental implant is that there is sufficient bone available at the site of the lost tooth. This is where the risk arises if tooth replacement is not carried out for a long time. However, the good news is that implants can be placed even if there is a shortage of bone, as the oral surgeon will use bone substitute to replace the necessary amount of bone. During the consultation before the implantation, when the necessary tests are carried out and the treatment plan is drawn up, the determination of the suitability of the implant takes place.

Painless dental implant placement at Smile Expert

Many people are afraid of dental treatment and can find it a nightmare to undergo such an oral surgery. Dental implantation at Smile Expert is completely painless thanks to the use of modern anaesthesia.

Fogászati implantáció meneteThe first thing the dentist does after local anaesthesia is to create a so-called bone cavity, into which the artificial root is placed. This is actually a screw on which the false tooth is then placed. Depending on the patient's abilities and oral hygiene, it is also possible to place a gum former on the implant instead of a screw. This helps the gums to heal according to the future denture and also eliminates the need for a new incision in the gums when the denture is fixed later. It takes at least 3-6 months for the special artificial root to set, after which the denture can be placed on a stable base and other tooth replacement options as indicated in the treatment plan.

It is therefore clear that the implant placement requires several visits to the dentist. The environment and the atmosphere which the patient is given is therefore of great importance. Dental implants in our Budapest practice are carried out in a human-centred manner, with maximum expertise and, above all, painlessly. The end result is a repeated experience of the comfort and aesthetics of a full denture.

All on four and all on six implantation is one of the best ways to treat complete tooth loss in our office.