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The jaw joint is one of the most complex joint in the human organism.

If the movements of the joint and the balanced biting stages is not taken into consideration, the new restoration may even harm the patient.

The accuracy of the bite registration determines 80% of the functionality of the restoration to be prepared.

What information are required for a precise bite registration?

First of all, we have to fix the upper jawbone, joined to the cranium, i.e. the maxilla, with the help of a facial arch.
This provides precise information for the dental laboratory on the maxilla’s position within the cranium, the plane of the teeth, and the centerline at the horizontal and vertical planes.
This avoids making a slanted denture for the patient.

Following registration of the maxilla with a facial arch, the position of the lower jaw (mandibula) relative to the maxilla must be determined. Dental technology makes a so-called support pin registration for this purpose. This is mostly required when no contacting tooth pairs are present (e.g. due to grinding or missing teeth)

With the help of this support pin registration, the convenient height of biting is determined and the one point in which the mandible is best positioned relative to the maxilla. This is the point which is the most comfortable for the joints of the jaw. Knowing this information, the dental laboratory prepares a comfortable, well usable restoration.

You can also come to us for more serious dental problems, as we also perform oral surgery in our practice. These include bone grafting, tooth replacement, root top resection, wisdom tooth removal, sinus elevation.