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The swollen, bleeding gums are the first signs of inflammation

Az egészséges fogsor és annak megőrzése az olyan alapvető tényezőkön is múlik, mint a szájhigiéniára való odafigyelés. Nem csak a megfelelő fogmosás áll ennek hátterében, hanem a rendszeres fogorvos látogatás is. A Smile Expertnél a szájhigiéniai kezelések között vezető helyet foglal el a fogkőeltávolítás, amire félévente tanácsos eljönni többek között a fogszuvasodás és a fogágybetegség megelőzése érdekében.

 The most common cause of this is the plaque having stuck on the teeth, which develops over time into a massive layer of tartar, festering with bacteria.

This state, if present for prolonged periods of time advances inflammation and may even cause irreversible damage.

Not to mention the many undesirable symptoms, such as bad breath, yellowish-brownish discolourations, and pain. These may even cause problems in everyday life.

Tartar removal in Hungary is important not only for aesthetic reasons!

In these cases, it is advisable to turn to a professional as soon as possible, as in more serious cases, this may even lead to loss of teeth but other harmful physiological effects are also known, as the inflammation affects the operation of our entire organism through the immune system. Removing the tartar already developed is only possible by an expert, using professional oral hygiene treatment (Depuration), which must be performed every 3-6 months, depending on the individual. In our clinic, the intervention, using the most advanced tools and materials, is completely painless. Our professionals perform the treatments in a completely customised way, supplemented by oral hygiene consultancy to sustain the results achieved for the longest possible period of time.


Depuration is the professional oral hygiene treatment, in the course of which the tartar and fresh plaque are removed from the surface of the teeth by mechanical means. We perform this using ultrasound technique at our clinic. The depuration vibration head’s recorded and forwarded audio vibrations form air bubbles, which collapse and pulverise tartar. The principle of operation of the ultrasound depurator allows it to perform the treatment without damaging the enamel at all. The treatment is concluded in each case by polishing, which renders tartar removal more permanent and also improves the aesthetics of your teeth.

Gyakran felmerül a kérdés, hogy mennyibe kerül a fogkő eltávolítása? Sokkal kevesebbe mintha nem távolítanánk azt el, hiszen ínybetegséget, fogszuvasodást okoz.

Air Flow, also known as airflow polishing is a polishing technique that easily removes the stains and discolourations caused by tea, coffee, wine, smoking and other foods.

The main idea of this entirely painless treatments is that a mixture of high pressure water, natural powder and air is blown onto the teeth. This procedure quickly and gently removes discolourations.

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