Fogorvosaink és specialistáink - Dr. Homoki Sándor

Dentists Budapest Smilexpert District V

Dr. Homoki Sándor

Temporomandibular joint diagnostics, Microscopic endodontics, Implantology, Conservative dentistry, Restoration, Dental aesthetical interventions, Smile design

I have been committed to my profession since the age of 18. I’m one of the few dental practitioners who can claim to have started out as a dental technologist. Right after the qualification examination, I was fortunate to practice my profession at a number of highly advanced dental laboratories in Budapest. I soon found I wanted to do more for the patients, therefore I went on to obtain my degree in dentistry. I directly enjoyed the benefits of having a complete insight into my profession, both as a dental technologist and as a dental practitioner.

senior dentist

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