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Dentists Budapest Smilexpert District V

Galambos Eszter

Dental assistant, dental hygienist, operation room assistant

I began my career as a dental technologist, and I was attracted by this field so much that I also developed a passion for the other side of dentistry, i.e. the world of dental practice, the assistance, the establishment and maintenance f a living relationship with the patients.

I always conduct my work conscientiously and precisely; I’m an all team player, helping the operating physician as well as my colleagues to the best of my knowledge. My professional commitment is exemplary. I continuously broaden my professional experience. I have assisted to a number of oral surgery operations; the best surgeons taught me and helped my work. My tasks include consultancy (development of individual home oral care habits) and training of the patients. And in addition, the preservation of the health of the teeth and the entire organism by professionally and concisely training the processes of establishing healthy oral hygiene. As a dental hygienist, I work, similarly to our dentist’s assistants, under the rule of the dentist, but I have also carried out certain activities and treatments – naturally, under the guidance of our physicians. Order, cleanliness and discipline are not only important at the clinic, but in my own environment as well. In numerous fields of dentistry (conservative dentistry, endodontics, implantology, oral surgery), my colleagues can count on my knowledge and reliability, but oral surgery has become my favourite specialty area.

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