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Románszky László

Master dental technician

Master of dental technology, Arcus digma temporomandibular joint expert, owner of Artifex Dentis dental technology laboratory.

I began my career as head of laboratory in Hungary’s most advanced private clinic. The chance to use and study the most advanced technologies, materials and procedures and the continuous striving for perfection progressively drove me forward. Then, having acquires this expertise, I established my own enterprise, which is today one of Hungary’s best equipped dental technology laboratory.

Music is also part of my life. It is a significant source of inspiration for my work, too. This latter I regard rather as a piece of artistic creation, a chance to shape natural forms to such precision that no one is able to make a distinction between artificial and real.

The same aspects were taken into consideration when selecting our colleagues. Their outstanding expertise, the applied modern technologies and our equipment stock guarantees that we serve our patients at high quality to let them enjoy the freedom of a beautiful smile, which is also our company’s motto.

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