Erika K. Sz.

Erika came to our practice with a complaint that her teeth were moving, she felt sensitive to cold and her breath was unpleasant.

At the first dental examination, our doctors found that Erika had advanced periodontal disease in a severe stage.

Due to the advanced stage of the disease, her teeth could not be saved and had to be removed.

Our patient did not want to wear removable dentures, so we chose the best possible solution for her, the All on 4 and All on 6 procedure.

Thanks to this relatively new method, Erika received a temporary, fixed prosthesis within 24 hours, which restored the aesthetic and functional deficiencies resulting from the tooth extraction. Our patient wore this temporary restoration until she was fitted with her permanent restoration.

After the implants had ossified, i.e. after 3 months (it can varies), the permanent fixed prosthesis was completed and fixed to the implants with a screw.esetenként változhat) letelte után elkészült a végleges rögzített fogpótlás, mely csavarral rögzül az implantátumokon.

Artifex Dentis, a dental laboratory in Budapest, known for its premium quality, made the metal-ceramic bridge prosthesis for our patient.

Erika is very happy to be able to smile again and she can enjoy hot and cold food and drinks without pain. She has regained her self-confidence, which has helped her to achieve more and more success in her career.



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