Anikó N.

Anikó came to our practice for help with aesthetic complaints. At the first appointment, she told us her ideas about her smile.

After the examination, it turned out that we had a complex problem. Her teeth were characterised by abnormal alignment, deep bite, diastema (gap between teeth) and gummy smile (more than 2mm of gum protruding from the gums when laughing).

Treatment started with filling replacement, restoration of periodontal problems and orthodontics. Anikó wore a fixed orthodontic appliance for almost a year, which was needed to close or narrowing the gaps between her teeth.

Gingivoplasty was also reasonable to create a proper, aesthetic gum line.

Following the removal of the orthodontic appliance, we restored the aesthetics of the teeth with full contour zirconia solo crowns, as requested by our patient.

Anikó smiles a lot, she has regained her self-confidence and is much more confident.



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