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Az ép fogsor az esztétikum és az egészségmegőrzés szempontjából is kiemelt jelentőséggel bír. Az általános szájhigiéniára való odafigyelést már kisgyermek korban elsajátítja az ember, az viszont már a hétköznapi szokások függvénye, hogy mennyire figyel oda erre. A tapasztalatok azt mutatják, hogy a fogorvos rendszeres, legalább évente egyszer történő felkeresésével sokat lehet tenni a fogászati megbetegedések megelőzésének érdekében. A Smile Expert esztétikai fogászat Budapest területén várja mindazokat, akik aktívan tenni szeretnének az egészséges fogsor megőrzésének, megteremtésének érdekében.

Aesthetic dentistry in Hungary: prevention for healthy teeth

Many people think of dental treatments with fear. Previous bad experiences can even prompt people to avoid the dentist for years. However, it is important to know that attitudes can change dramatically if you can opt for aesthetic dentistry that is right for you. Smile Expert dentistry in Budapest, the capital of Hungary, offers patients a human-centred, empathetic and highly qualified dental team. Whether it's an established dental problem or preventive treatment, trustworthy private dentistry is worth its weight in gold these days. The necessary treatment can be carried out without long waits, without stress, not to mention without any pain.

Aim is the regular visits to the dentist

By visiting the dentist regularly, incipient caries can be detected in time and tartar can be removed, which causes many problems. It cannot be stressed enough that yellowish-brown discolouration on teeth is not just an aesthetic problem. Over time, the supporting structure of the tooth can also be attacked by bacteria accumulated in the tartar, which can lead to the loss of your own teeth if not treated properly. Regular removal of tartar can therefore go a long way towards a healthier set of teeth.

Preventive help without waiting and pain

Our services are available by appointment. A dental check-up can reveal even the slightest caries, which can be treated in real time. By removing tartar painlessly, the dentist prevents further dental diseases. Checking existing restorations is just as important as on-demand whitening. Thanks to the latter, much can be done to ensure aesthetically pleasing dentures and a confident smile.

Smile Expert also offers its patients aesthetic dentistry with a focus on preventive treatments. Of course, we cannot overlook the issue of oral hygiene at home, where good quality toothpaste, flossing and a healthy diet are all essential.

Swollen, bleeding gums are the first sign of inflammation. The most common cause of this is plaque build-up on the teeth, which over time forms massive bacteria-laden tartar.

If this condition persists over a long period of time, the inflammation can become advanced and cause irreversible damage to the periodontium. Not to mention the many unpleasant symptoms such as bad breath, yellowish-brown discolouration and pain. These can also cause problems in everyday life.

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